Protect and Heal

The Archdiocese of Seattle responds to the clergy abuse crisis

Reporting Unethical Behavior

Victim Assistance

To report any suspicion of abuse by any Catholic Church personnel, please contact local law enforcement. Additionally, anyone who has knowledge of misconduct by a member of the clergy, an employee or a volunteer of the Archdiocese of Seattle is urged to call the archdiocesan helpline at 1-800-446-7762.

Protect & Heal Webpage

For confidential reporting of ethical violations or violations of archdiocesan polices. This webpage is hosted on EthicsPoint's secure servers and is not part of the Archdiocese of Seattle website or intranet.

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Catholic Bishop Abuse Reporting

This reporting service has been established to receive reports of sexual abuse and related misconduct by bishops, and to relay those reports to proper Church authorities for investigation. Where a report includes a crime, it will also be reported to civil authorities. 1-800-276-2562

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