FAITH FORMATION 2020-21 CGS Payment Form

For Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and First Eucharist


Please fill out this form ONCE and calculate the TOTAL registration fee(s) due for all children you are registering for Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, Homeschool and/or First Eucharist Preparation in the payment section. 

Payment Options:

First Child CGS:                               $150.00
Homeschool:                                    $70.00
Each Additional Child:                      $50.00
Sacramental Prep (per child):          $35.00

NOTE: This is the PAYMENT component of your family registration. For your registration to be complete, you must submit:

1. Faith Formation 2020-21 Catechesis of the Good Shepherd
2. Faith Formation 2020-21 First Eucharist Preparation 

Thank you!

Family Information
Family Last Name
Children's Name(s) Enter ALL of the children's names (first and last) that you have registered separated by a comma. Example: Betty Smith, Alex Smith, and Sally Jones.
Parent/Legal Guardian Name
Parent/Legal Guardian Phone --
Parent/Legal Guardian Email
Parent/Legal Guardian Address
Faith Formation Fees: $150 for the first child in CGS, $70 for Home-school, $50 for each additional child, $35 for First Eucharist Sacramental preparation.
Shopping Basket Choose a number by each item indicating the number of children that you are registering for that section. Your total amount due should add up automatically.  
Quantity Extended

Faith Formation CGS Registration Fee | $150.00

Homeschool Fee | $70.00

K - 5th grade books will be ordered. There is NO PreK homeschooling option. We will be using the Spirit of Truth Curriculum offered by the Sophia Institute Press.

Each additional child | $50.00

for CGS or Homeschool

First Eucharist Sacramental Preparation | $35.00


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