Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

Applications for next year 2020-2021 will begin on June 1st 2020 for active parishioners. 

Active parishioners attend Sunday liturgy weekly at Holy Family, are officially registered in the parish (at least 6 months prior to June 1st), and give of their time, talent and treasure to the many ministries and projects offered here at Holy Family Parish.

A three-year old is setting a model altar with an altar cloth, paten, chalice, candles, and crucifix.  A four-year old sits in front of a model of a sheepfold, moving model sheep and shepherd while listening intently to the scripture account of the Good Shepherd. Two five-year old sit across from each other; one sewing while the other traces images from a scripture account and makes a book.

Welcome to the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS) Atrium, a prayer space designed to meet the spiritual and developmental needs of children using the Montessori method. Holy Family Kirkland follows the CGS program for Faith Formation, and children participate on Level I, II and III. Each level materials and work are designed to engage the children according to their needs. In the Atrium the child explores prayer, scripture, liturgy, Holy Land geography, practical life, and art expression during a weekly 2-hour session.

Atrium sessions are offered weekly between September and May in multi-age levels. 
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd offers remote preparation for Mass, it is not meant to replace Sunday liturgy or the domestic church. "It is in the bosom of the family that parents are "by word and example . . . the first heralds of the faith with regard to their children." - CCC 1656

Prayerfully consider how you can set time aside for your child to attend atrium sessions and Sunday Eucharist. Consistent Mass attendance is critical for a strong prayer life in the family.

Keep in mind, due to high demand, once admitted your child is expected to attend all sessions. Priority registrations will be given to families who volunteer as catechists and registered parishioners as a token of appreciation to the generosity of our volunteer catechists and the stewardship of this parish community.

Sacramental Preparation

Sacramental Preparation is the process of preparing children (age 7 or second grade, but they may be older) for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist.

Only baptized children participate in sacramental preparation. At Holy Family Parish, baptized children who have been preparing through daily family prayer, Sunday liturgy, and in the atrium begin the discernment process for their First Reconciliation and First Eucharist. The child, with their parents, must spend time in prayer and reflection and together ask to receive the sacraments.

The immediate year of preparation for the Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Eucharist take place from September to May - with meetings, workshops and rehearsals outside of the CGS Level 2 atrium sessions.  First Penance takes place in December and First Eucharist takes place in May.

A copy of the baptismal certificate should be submitted with the online registration form.  Questions? Contact Maria Muscado.

If you have a child who is not yet baptized, and over the age of seven, please contact Maria Muscado.

For Parents

"By praying with their children, by reading the word of God with them and by introducing them deeply through Christian initiation into the Body of Christ - both the Eucharistic and the ecclesial Body - they become fully parents, in that they are begetters not only of bodily life but also of the life that through the Spirit’s renewal flows from the Cross and Resurrection of Christ."  — St. John Paul II, Familiaris Consortio

How can I nurture the religious life of my child at home? Visit for parent resources.  Watch YouTube videos from oneofhisheep 

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