Spiritual Adoption Program


Beginning March 25, Holy Family Parish will embark upon a Spiritual Adoption program.  For the next 9 months, our parish will be pregnant! You are asked to pray for the life of an unborn child and his or her mother and father.  It may be someone in your own family or someone you know who is pregnant.  Or, it may be someone you may never meet in this lifetime.  Pray for your baby daily.  Give him or her a name.  Ask God to bless your child with good health, strength, and most importantly, the opportunity to live a long and faith-filled life. 

For the next 9 months, there will be posters in the narthex, on the website, and in HFK School that show your baby’s development.  Did you realize that by the end of the 1st month of life, your baby’s heart will be beating and pumping blood through her/his own circulatory system?  Moms from our own parish will be encouraged to share their names and due dates so we can pray for them.  

Every Holy Family parishioner is invited to make this daily prayer commitment to pray for the health and protection of unborn children and their parents. You’ll find strong plastic prayer cards in the narthex that will hold up to 9 months of use! Let’s fill heaven with prayers for the sake of those with no voices.



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