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August 20, 2021

Dear Parishioners of Holy Family Parish,

               As we continue to be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, I invite all of us to remain focused on Jesus and to continually pray for one another as the Body of Christ.  The Archdiocese of Seattle sent all parishes updated COVID-19 protocols on August 11 and again August 19 when the state government updated their directives. 

We use the Archdiocese values statement as a guide for the HFK community: “As disciples of Jesus Christ, our goal with this guidance is to ensure safety, protect the vulnerable among us and support the common good.  Please remember that many people are unvaccinated and may not be able to receive the vaccine for various reasons.  As a welcoming Catholic Church, we must ensure they feel safe to worship and glorify God in person.” 

Thank you to our COVID-19 taskforce and for the parish staff input in these matters.  Also, thank you to all who filled out the parish survey, your input is valuable.  Based on the survey results, there is a wide diversity of opinions and needs.  My goal as your pastor is to help all members of our parish draw closer to the Risen Christ through Word and Sacrament and through the ministries of the church while ensuring safety for all.  The following is our updated COVID-19 protocols for Holy Family Parish.     

Church and Adoration Chapel: 

  1. Masks are required inside the church for all-regardless of vaccination status-starting August 23, 2021.  Masks are available near the front doors of the church should you forget to bring one. 
  2. When outdoors on the parish campus, masks are optional.
  3. A portion of the church and the east narthex will continue to be designated as seating for those wishing to remain socially distanced.  Non-socially distanced seating will also continue to be available.
  4. There will be no congregational singing, however we can continue to have a cantor and essential music at Mass.  Small choirs can also serve as able if they are 9-12 feet distanced from each other and wearing a mask.  Piano, organ, guitar, drums, string instruments, and handbells are encouraged.     
  5. Masks are required for all liturgical ministers although lectors may remove masks to proclaim readings and announcements and single cantors if behind plexiglass. 
  6. Regarding communion on the tongue-this is a spiritual option but not all Eucharistic Ministers feel safe with the sanitary considerations.  For those who would like to receive communion on the tongue, the only Communion line that will offer communion in this way is the presiding priest’s line, on the right side of the center aisle.  All other communion stations (including concelebrants, deacons or others) is communion on the hand only.  Please be courteous to allow people to switch lines if needed.    
  7. Doors to the church, both interior and exterior, will remain mostly open to increase ventilation inside the church building.
  8. In the Adoration Chapel masks are required and social distancing should be observed.  Please observe silent prayer in the chapel. 
  9. To promote good social distancing, Confessions will be held at the regular listed times in the library, not the confessional located in the Adoration Chapel.  Options to go to confession with a screen or face to face will be provided.  When waiting for Confession, please stand at a healthy social distance in the East Narthex.  Masks are required. 
  10. At funerals and weddings, masks are required except during speaking parts.  Light “grab and go” refreshments may be offered outdoors if requested. 
  11. “Grab and go” refreshments following Mass (such as the Café) is an option but must take place outdoors and servers are wearing masks regardless of vaccination status.  Some limited seating may be provided but without tables to allow for social distance.  Stay tuned for future outdoor Café scheduling.
  12. The current livestream schedule of Masses will continue.    

Parish Office: 

  1. Only vaccinated staff members are allowed into the parish office area. 
  2. Volunteers must show proof of vaccination to serve at the front desk or to be in the parish office area for limited amounts of time.  Masks required.      
  3. Individual meetings with parishioners and parish staff will take place in the meeting rooms across from the parish office.  Masks required.
  4. Social distancing and regular ventilation should be observed when possible.


  1. All ministries are encouraged to continue meeting remote/online/zoom, if possible.
  2. If in-person meetings are needed, meeting outdoors is strongly encouraged. Please coordinate with the parish office. 
  3. In-person ministry indoors may occur.  Masks are required.  Check with parish office regarding specific rooms and requirements as needed.           
  4. Shared meals and beverages are not allowed during indoor meetings where multiple households are present.
  5. The kitchen in the parish center may be used by masked volunteers to prepare meals to be brought to outreach or other ministries if needed.  Anyone handling food must wear masks. 
  6. Regarding adult events in the school gym (volleyball, basketball, etc.), we will wait for CYO guidance. 
  7. Please refer to the links for school and faith formation protocols for even more detailed information.

Overall reminders: 

  1. All are strongly encouraged to be vaccinated by the Holy Father, our Archbishop and the USCCB. 
  2. If you have any symptoms of illness, even if they are very mild, please stay home. 
  3. If you test positive for COVID-19, please contact the parish or school.  Your information will remain confidential. 
  4. Keep praying for one another. 


God Bless,

Your Pastor, Fr. Bryan Dolejsi 



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